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We specialize in pouring radiant floor heating with Agilia Screed A.


Please watch our video. This custom home featured radiant floor heating on the main and upper floors with Agilia Screed A poured throughout.

Agilia Screed A

Produced and delivered by Lafarge, Agilia Screed A is the number one choice for all of your floor topping requirements. From leveling a basement subfloor to pouring a radiant floor heating system Agilia Screed A will have you covered. Please follow the link to the Lafarge website for more information.

Our history

Mack Constructions Inc. was formed in 2008 and was the first Agilia Screed A contractor in Ontario. We are the only Agilia Screed A contractor in the province that specializes in only Agilia Screed A.

 We have poured over 1 million square feet  of Agilia Screed A across the province in all sectors of construction.


Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating has become the new normal for many home builders. The efficency and comfort that radiant floor heating provides is second to none.

Agilia Screed A is the perfect way to cover your radiant floor heating tubing. Agilia Screed A has 3 times the conductivity as tradional cement toppings and will give you the flat and level floor that you need.


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